Cooking, Cleaning, Calorie Burning, and Much, Much More

Flan French Onion Soup

Our New Year’s Resolution Challenge participants have been rocking and rolling for the last (almost) three weeks. They’ve been cleaning out closets, cooking delicious recipes, logging fitness hours, earning math points, and so much more. It has been really fun for our team to read everyone’s comments and to get to know our participants a little bit through their submissions.

Curious to know what our adventurers are saying? Read about some of our participants’ experiences in a few of our electives below (We wish you could read ALL of the submissions. They’re just so good!).


serviceI served my 96 year old Grandfather this week. My Grandmother, 90, was very sick and had to go to the hospital. She takes care of my Grandpa. While she was in the hospital I helped him with dinner, made sure he had his oxygen on and kept him company. I really liked it. It made me feel warm inside and he felt happy and not so alone. It also made my Grandma feel safe and not worry about Grandpa. – Neil, age 10

Today I painted my 9 year old daughter’s fingernails. It was the first time I’ve ever done that… her mother usually does, but she was out of town this weekend. Between some youtube videos and my daughter’s advice we figured it out and they turned out pretty nice. Made her day, and mine. – Michael, age 44

<- Photo: Volunteering at my local mission/food pantry today for this week’s service challenge!!! – Coral, age 23


Yeah, I was actually able to accomplish the goal for this week. With winter break finishing up this week and 2 snow days from school….I wasn’t sure I could do it. Huge thanks to my husband, I was still able to go to the gym. I actually enjoyed myself since it had been a while since I had gone to the gym. I felt revved up and ready for anything after my workout. I also think the “me” time gave me chance to reflect on changes for the new year. I’m happy with my start so far. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I ….kinda…. like the accountability of going to the gym because of Brain Chase. It gently nudges me in the right direction. 😉 – Monica, age 45


Well, I was quite surprised when I asked my husband the questions for this week. He said he felt that I show disrespect when I take all of the towels out of the bathroom to wash, then I will use put his towel on the floor to step on outside of the shower…I never knew this was an issue! I said I was glad to learn this, and I won’t use his fresh towel as a mat anymore. I never really made the connection between respect and boundaries. I always thought of respect in a more positive manner, as in uplifting someone or speaking well of them. I am glad to have a new perspective. – Nicole, age 36


bathroomSat 1.14before bath1.18Wednesdayafter


Looking at our expenses and spending for the last 3 months has been a real eyeopener. If the next 3 months of spending mirror our last 3 months of spending we will be overspending each month. I knew we were doing this, but since we keep a large cushion of money in our checking account I just ignored it. About 5 years ago we went through all the exercises mentioned in this week’s video. We established a budget, followed it and loved the freedom that came from that. Then, as I mentioned in last week’s response, my daughter got married and we had a year of spending that got so overwhelming for me I stopped keeping track of everything. Even though we had the money available for her wedding, not keeping track of the spending made me feel like we’d lost all financial momentum and that sense of freedom that comes from knowing where your money is going. I’m so thankful for doing the Brain Chase financial elective. It’s the kick in the pants I need to reign in our spending and get back on track with our finances. – Jelayne, age 55


Sushi Rolls!

*Cooking Challenge participants have also cooked flan and French Onion Soup so far (see top pics). They will discover the final two recipes over the next couple of weeks.

This is just a sampling of what we read and see every day! Our participants are so inspiring! Good work, everyone! Keep it up!

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