10 Reasons to Use Brain Chase Instead of Other Escape Rooms




Why use Brain Chase? We’ll give you 10 good reasons:

  1. It’s a global competition! Brain Chase is the world’s first simultaneous escape room, where thousands of families compete in real time to solve the puzzle. And you can use the Leaderboard to track everyone’s progress.
  2. You could win $100 cash. Each month, a new $100 winner will be crowned. (I suppose that’s technically 100 reasons by itself?)
  3. You get cool stuff in the mail. Sure, there are lots of subscription boxes out there. But Brain Chase is light on the papers and heavy on the brass compasses, metal decoder rings, authentic sundials, and other gear.
  4. You get 7 for the price of one. Each “room” is actually 7 or 8 different “rooms” – all linked together in the search for a new artifact.
  5. It’s kid-tested and family friendly. Nothing against the “track a sexy serial killer” genre, but come on. We’ve got kids. And… they’re actually pretty good at this stuff too. Brain Chase puzzles may get a bit creepy at times, but they’re definitely safe for all ages.
  6. It’s much cheaper than a night out in a¬†physical escape room. Escape Rooms can cost at $30 per person, but Brain Chase starts at $19.99 for the entire family for the entire month.
  7. You can add 20 different electives! Want to supplement your Escape experience with a little math, reading, or writing? Upgrade to the learning electives and you’ve got a customized family Gifted & Talented program.
  8. It’s all part of the bigger story. You’re joining Mae Merriweather and the Grayson Academy of Antiquities in their search for missing artifacts and clues to the disappearance of famed adventurer Tate Grayson. The episodic saga continues each month with new artifacts and new clues.
  9. It can all be done online – wherever you are. Other escape room games might require physical kits, cards, or other supplies. We’ve got those as well, but if you opt for the Scout package, you can complete each chase online.
  10. You’re going to learn things. At its heart, Brain Chase is a summer learning company. And while we’ve made the learning electives optional, we’re pretty sure you’ll need to do some research in order to solve each puzzle.


We hope you’ll join us! New puzzles begin on the 1st of each month. Register now!