10 Reasons why you haven’t registered yet… and why you should

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If you’re like me, you’re slow to sign up for things. We’re over-programmed already, right? Well, if I were in your shoes and considering signing up for Brain Chase, here would be my top 10 objections. And here’s why I’d be wrong:


  1. We’re just too busy. If you’ve done the Brain Chase Summer programs, you’ll remember that they’re a pretty big commitment: 4 hrs/week for six or seven weeks – and that doesn’t count the time spent on the treasure hunt! But this is different. Think of this as “Brain Chase – Light.” Each monthly adventure will take you and your family about two hours, unless you choose to add electives.
  2. We don’t need another project! Brain Chase isn’t another “to-do” item on your list. Instead, it takes the things you’re already trying to do, and turns them into a giant game! Struggling to motivate the kids to do chores, homework, or piano practicing? Set them up with individual accounts, then circle back to do the escape rooms together. Working on some New Years Resolutions? Wrap your fitness and organization goals up in a giant game. Just looking to spend more quality time as a family? Project your computer on the wall and solve the escape rooms together as a team!
  3. We can’t afford this – and we don’t need another subscription. Brain Chase now starts at $19.99/month. That’s the price of a pizza, but it’s MUCH better for you. You can dial the subscription up or down or cancel at anytime. But remember – there’s also a $100 cash prize each month, and if you happen to win a couple of times this year…
  4. Brain Chase is too hard. Okay, I admit it. When $10,000, a trip around the world, and a golden trophy were at stake, yes – we made it tricky. But we can dial things back a bit for $100. And remember, there are two puzzles each month: the Escape Rooms, which will be full of hints and tips so no one gets stuck, and the Map Puzzles, which will be a bit harder. Everyone will be able to escape, but not everyone will find the artifact.
  5. We’ve already done Brain Chase. Been there, done that. Don’t worry, we’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeves! The program will be different every month, and there’s plenty still to learn. Plus, now it’s open to everyone: kids, adults, families, friends, school programs, and more – so there’s something for everyone.
  6. We’ll never win. I think every Brain Chase winner has thought this. Anyone can solve it. And with shorter games and the difficulty dialed back, it’s truly anyone’s ball game.
  7. If we want to do something like this, there are free apps. Yep, lots of them. Card games, too. But they’re just escape rooms, without the learning, the Map Contest, the $100 prizes, the global competition (and Leaderboards!), the community, the optional subscription boxes, the optional learning electives, and the continuing mystery about Tate Grayson.
  8. Now that you took away the learning, there’s no reason to do this. If you’ve done Brain Chase before, you’d probably agree that your kids learned more in the treasure hunt than they ever did with the learning electives. Well, the same treasure hunt puzzles will be a part of every single escape room! And the electives are now optional, so you can still feel free to plug in Reading, Writing, Math, Art, and others – but now you’re free to mix-and-match and make changes every month.
  9. We’ll just wait until the summer program. Saving up your brainpower. I can respect that. But just know that monthly subscription registration includes participation in the summer program. And what better way to prepare for the big one than by training your brain each month?
  10. We just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Click here. It will take 2 minutes, and you’ll be glad you did it.


When it comes to signing up for things, I’m the first to raise objections in our home. But we designed Brain Chase specifically for busy families like yours. We hope you’ll give it a try and join us in our next Escape Room challenge.


Yours in Adventure,

Allan Staker