How does Brain Chase work?


Brain Chase’s patented “play release” technology uses a combination of curated online education tools, custom animations, and mysterious packages to deliver a personalized learning experience for your student.

Each week of the challenge will follow the same pattern. First, a short online video will be released on the student dashboard each Monday. The animated webisode will document the next chapter in Mae Merriweather’s quest to locate a golden treasure and uncover clues to the location of missing adventurer, Tate Grayson.

After a student watches the video, she will return to the student dashboard to begin her weekly academic challenges. By clicking on the different icons, she will read specific instructions for the week, find links that lead directly into the academic work, and see current status snapshots each assignment.

Once the work has been successfully completed, the Brain Chase dashboard will automatically unlock an additional video in which Mae and team continue the adventure. The process will repeat each Monday until the challenge is complete.

You and your student will want to watch each video closely – and repeatedly – because the videos are filled with hidden clues that pinpoint the location of a real treasure. Work together to crack the clues and solve the puzzle. Each 24 hours, your student will be allowed to make one guess by clicking on the treasure map. The first student who guesses the correct location within a two-mile radius will win the prize.



These function much the same as the Treasure Hunts, except instead of videos, you’ll unlock interactive “rooms” full of clickable items. The rooms not only contain clues to advancing through the program, but also conceal clues to the location of a missing artifact. Click on the Map Page to locate the prize; be the first, and win $100.

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