14 Reasons to do the Brain Chase New Year’s Challenge

vanuatu volcano

The Shellenbergers from Florida, claiming their buried treasure on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu


It’s a wonderful, busy time of year. 

The holidays are upon us, and the New Year is just around the corner. With everything else going on, why would you want to sign up for a month-long resolution challenge with Brain Chase? We’ll give you 14 good reasons:

  1. It’s the Perfect Gift – Give memories, not stuff! Studies repeatedly show that more happiness is created by making memories than by acquiring things. Know anyone that’s hard to shop for? Try this on for size.
  2. Now It’s the Grown-ups’ Turn – Brain Chase isn’t just for the kids anymore. The #1 piece of feedback we’ve received since we launched in 2014 is “Why can’t there be a program for grown-ups?!” You asked, and we answered. Let’s see if you’re ready for the challenge.
  3. You’ll Be Helping Kids – All proceeds from the New Year’s program go to supporting our Spring, Summer, and Fall online learning challenges for students across the country.
  4. It Removes Holiday Guilt – Go ahead and have another cookie. Enjoy it now, because everything changes on January 1st.
  5. We’ll Hold You Accountable – 80% of Americans set New Year’s Resolutions, but only 6% report having any success achieving their goals. We can help with that. Brain Chase provides the structure, encouragement, motivation, and accountability you need.
  6. It Doesn’t Cost Much – $99 for one month of electives? Not bad if you want to start the New Year off with a bang.
  7. It Won’t Take Long – Aside from the Fitness Challenge, you’ll only be spending about 30 minutes on each elective, or 90 minutes total each week. That’s time well-invested in crushing your goals.
  8. It’s EXTREMELY Convenient – Try meeting with a personal trainer, home organizer, or relationship counselor in your own home at a moment’s notice at a time most convenient to you. They’ll probably say no. Not the case with Brain Chase! Make progress when, where, and as fast as you choose.
  9. It’s FUN, and Good For Your Brain – A global race for a real, buried treasure? See why one parent said, “It’s like living the greatest adventure story ever written.”
  10. Jimmy Stewart – The clues to the treasure’s location are hidden in clips from It’s a Wonderful Life. And that’s truly wonderful.
  11. You Can Win a Trip Around the World – Just ask our past winners who have traveled to Lima, Peru and the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. Will you be next?
  12. … To Dig Up a Real Buried Treasure – We can’t tell you much, except that it’s, ahem, wonderful. And it’s yours if you find it.
  13. The Electives are Amazing – From Fitness to Finance, Cooking to Coding, and Service to Spring Cleaning, we’ve got you covered. We partnered with experts in several different fields to build customized resolutions to get your 2020 on track.
  14. Now the Whole Family Can Participate – For the first time, we’ve created electives that work for the entire family, including Reading, Math, Crafts, Cooking, Fitness, Finance, Home Organization, and Service. Work together as a team, and win a trip to claim the prize.




We’d love to have you join us this January. Sign up here, and let the games begin.