I’m not getting credit for my work–what do I do now?

For Khan Academy, just access any Khan Account – the one we provide for you, one you set up yourself, or you could even start doing work without logging in. Just don’t forget to return to your Math page and manually input your energy points.


Having trouble syncing your time with TypingClub? You can create your own account, or just use the program without logging in. Either way, you’ll need to return to your Brain Chase Typing page to manually input your typing minutes.


Not seeing credit for your Google Books reading time? Here are a few ideas:

  • First of all, make sure you’re reading on the Brain Chase Google Books page, and not leaving Brain Chase to go directly to Google Books! We’ll never see your reading minutes that way.
  • Remember that you won’t receive credit for time spent browsing different titles – only time spent inside a book. And please make sure you’re actively engaging with the content by turning pages and scrolling. If you remain inactive for more than 7 minutes, the system will believe you’ve checked out, and it will stop counting your time.
  • You’re also welcome to read offline and manually input your reading minutes.


If your time isn’t recording with Rosetta Stone, keep in mind that you only earn credit in six-minute increments. Learning a new language is like going to the gym for your brain; you can’t expect to see progress if you only exercise for a few minutes at a time.


Having trouble accessing your Coding account? Occasionally we get errors or delayed syncing with Code Combat, but we’ve found that switching browsers can work wonders here. We highly recommend the Firefox browser for the Coding challenge.

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