Why isn’t Brain Chase free?

Brain Chase isn’t a free online app or video game. But it’s not a $600/week summer camp, either. As one customer put it, “Brain Chase is a multi-faceted┬álearning experience that beautifully straddles the virtual and physical worlds.” Each program may vary slightly, and your experience will vary based on the package and electives you choose, but in general, Brain Chase participants can receive:

  • Live, credentialed teachers providing weekly, personalized feedback
  • “Camp counselors” standing by to respond to questions, emails, and chats
  • 6-8 weeks of access to Code Combat, Rosetta Stone, Typing Club, and other programs (no additional registrations or logins necessary)
  • Weekly “Bonus Challenges” in different subjects ranging from astronomy to music composition
  • 6-8 weeks of animated or movie-themed content packed with hidden clues, riddles, and puzzles that boost 21st Century Skills like problem-solving, creative thinking, and grit
  • The chance to compete against other families around the world in a massive, global treasure hunt with a real, buried prize (prizes may vary with different programs)
  • Multiple “Adventure Tools” (i.e., brass compasses, metal decoder rings, exotic coins, etc.) mailed out at different points during the program in wax-sealed envelopes
  • A Brain Chase Badge with Elective Patches to match the programs they select
  • Completion certificates for the finishers
  • Parent Dashboards to track student progress in real-time

It’s true that access to Khan Academy is free, Google Books is free, and some of the elective challenges link to free Youtube videos. But Brain Chase is so much more. See what these parents have to say about the program, and then try it for yourself. We guarantee you and your kids will love it.

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