I don’t live in the United States. Can I still do Brain Chase?

Absolutely!! We have thousands of students from outside the US who join us each year. A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Please select the SCOUT package, then purchase any t-shirts, adventure tools, or other gear separately through the Brain Chase Shop. Don’t worry – all of the electives can be purchased a la carte. This options simply lets you help us with international shipping costs (thank you!).
  • Some states and countries don’t support participation in competitions like Brain Chase, so please check the contest rules to see if you are officially eligible to win the prize.  IF YOU’RE NOT ELIGIBLE TO WIN, don’t worry – you can still participate in the full academic challenge, and you can still make guesses about the whereabouts of the treasure. If you’re the first to find it, we’ll still find a way to take care of you.
  • Are you a US citizen who’s living abroad? As long as you can claim one of the US states as your place of residence for tax purposes, you’re in good shape. But please select the SCOUT package.
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