What is the refund policy?

We completely stand by our products and offer refunds to our valuable customers: … if your request is within the first two calendar weeks of a multiple-week program. … if you have not received decoder rings, brass compasses, t-shirts, or other materials in the mail. If your request is within the first 2 weeks and […]

What’s the fastest way to contact Team Brain Chase?

Please just send us an email us at! We understand that sometimes things seen urgent, and it might be tempting to email, post on Facebook, comment on Instagram, send instant messages, try to call, or even track down the personal emails and phone numbers of team members – but to improve our response time, we’re […]

How do I set up my Khan Academy and Typing Club accounts?

If you don’t want to wait for us to create a Khan Academy account for you, you’re welcome to create your own! Just follow the instructions provided on the Khan Academy page. You no longer need to set up Brain Chase as a coach – instead, your student will just log his own Khan Academy […]

What do the ‘hourglass’ and ‘ellipses’ symbols mean on my elective icons?

When you’ve completed your elective challenge for the week, you’ll receive a green checkmark over the icon on your Student Dashboard. If you’ve started on the elective, but not yet submitted your work, you might see a blue ellipsis over the icon. If you’ve submitted your work, but you haven’t yet received personal feedback for […]

Why can’t we unlock Week One?

You can’t unlock the videos, challenges, and clues of Week One until you’ve completed the Warm-up Week and received feedback on any submissions (certain electives only). The good news is that the Warm-up Week challenges go very quickly.

How do we use the decoder medallion?

Don’t be daunted by the instructions on this page! There’s a very simple way to do Caesar and Vigenere ciphers: watch this video to learn how.

How do we get started?

When you registered, you should have received an email with login instructions for your Parent Dashboard. (Can’t find the email? Just go to and click “FORGOT PASSWORD.” You’ll receive an email that will take you straight into your Parent account. This is where you can find the login information for each of your students. […]

Are there any video tutorials?

Yes! These quick videos will walk you through the entire onboarding process. Enjoy! Registering for Brain Chase Using the Parent Dashboard Using the Student Dashboard Using Electives with Submissions Using Electives with Software Upgrading Electives Good Luck!